About Street Messages

About Outdoor Advertising with Streetmessages.com

We offer the Fastest, Easiest and the most cost effective outdoor advertising in New York City!

Streetmessages.com of NYC is a different kind of advertising and marketing company.  We actually own the locations that we offer for advertising and that means that you save money! If you live, work or play in any of the 5 Boroughs of New York City then you’ve probably seen us out and about – working on our newly acquired phones – restoring and ensuring service – removing old and outdated equipment and preparing our inventory for your marketing messages.Our entire network of advertising locations is maintained by us in house.  We have over 3000 public pay phones that are located curbside at the busiest and most well traveled corners, crosswalks and public transportation hubs. Our crew of 10 are installing, repairing, and otherwise maintaining the network every day.  We’re out in every Borough Making these locations ready for your advertising!

Pay phones? People Still Use Those Things?

Yes…  Tens of thousands of people still use Pay phones in NYC every month to communicate and so our number one duty – as mandated by the city of New York – is to ensure that our phones are well maintained.  And they are… Now.  It’s taken us a lot of time, a lot of man hours to restore these phones to optimal working condition so that we can focus on your advertising.We recognize that just a few years ago the pay phone was the number one method of communication for people outside the home.  They were everywhere and of course that’s changed with the advent of the cell phone but don’t expect the pay phone to go away!The Pay Phone is going Modern and we’re utilizing the latest technologies to increase service and value!

FREE WiFi HotSpots in NYC through our Pay phone network

This year, in conjunction with the City of New York we’re wrapping up a beta test on converting our Public Pay Phone Network into FREE WiFi Hotspots.  The Pilot was very successful and we’re getting ready for phase Two which is the roll-out of many, many more locations.For the pilot run, we chose ten locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens and installed Military Grade antennae along with the latest mobile WiFi technology to offer FREE WiFi Access to the Internet through the smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or any other mobile device.

Out 10 FREE WiFi Locations in New York City

  • Brooklyn Cobble Hill: 545 Albee Square
  • Brooklyn: 2 Smith Street
  • Queens Astoria: 30-94 Steinway Street
  • SoHo: 402 West Broadway
  • Flower District: 458 Seventh Avenue
  • Theater District: 28 West 48th St
  • Grand Central: 410 Madison Avenue
  • Midtown: 1609 and 1790 Broadway
  • Upper West Side: 230 West 95th St

Solar Powered Wireless Pay phones in NYC

We’re also upgrading many of our locations with Solar Powered Wireless Units that use zero electric. Doing this modernizes the network and will eliminate the underground footprint required to get Dial Tone to 3,000 phones. Going Green using Solar Power reduces the maintenance required on our end, reduces down time, increases call quality and brings the pay phone into the 21st century. These units can be utilized anywhere – quickly and efficiently. The Solar Cells themselves are made of Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic and they’re less than 20 micrometers thick. We’re field testing them right now and once perfected we’ll set a goal of replacing the majority of locations with this Green technology In fact, Once tested, we’ll have the capabilities to set up Mobile Communication HUBS where people who have lost power and cell phone use due to emergency and storm can use our Green Solar Pay Phones to contact loved ones.For more information on our WiFi Hubs throughout NYC… or our New Solar Powered Wireless Pay Phones…